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Membership Committees foster engagement with our members and provide valuable information to members regarding workshops, events, and benefits. 

Social Committee

Time:  Ongoing, Bi-Monthly Virtual meetings to discuss planning of events. More frequent meetings leading up to an event as needed for planning. The committee will be charged with setting up any decorations or materials/attending social events. 

# of People: 5-7 People

Description:  The purpose of the Social Committee shall be:

  1. Plan social events and activities for GEA members to attend throughout the year.

  2.  Build membership engagement through a variety of social activities.


New Teachers Committee

Time:  August-November. Bi-weekly to weekly meetings in late July/throughout August for preparations for New Teacher Orientation. Attendance for the GEA portion of the New Teacher Orientation. Planning with the social committee for a New Teacher Social. Time commitment ends after the fall New Teacher Social. 

# of People: 3-5 People

Description:  The new teacher committee plans the orientation materials and presentation for New Teachers in August. They help in presenting the information during the meeting and helping the VP membership sign up new members. The New Teacher Committee helps the Social committee plan a New Teacher Welcome Event during the fall. 


Minority Equity Committee

Time: Ongoing, bi-monthly meetings 

# of People: 3-5 People

Description: The purposes of the Minority Equity Committee shall be:

  1. To inform membership of conferences, workshops and forums related to the educational needs of minority students.

  2. To encourage the participation of the Ethnic Minority teachers in the GEA, CEA and NEA.


Benefits Committee

Time:  Ongoing

# of People:  One non-executive board member to chair; 2-3 People per Sub Committee

Description:  The benefits committee is charged with becoming experts on our benefits through TOG, CEA, and NEA. They will help supply materials for any benefits workshops or informational materials and inform GEA members of changes to benefits. Committee members may have to answer emails and calls from members who need help in understanding their benefits in coordination with the VP of Membership.

Benefit Sub-Committees include: Health Insurance, Leaves of Absences, CEA/NEA benefits

Health Insurance Sub-Committee

Time: 3-5 hours, including summer/fall training



  • Meet with CEA Health Insurance Consultants, and Town of Greenwich Employee Benefits for overview and orientation,

  • Ensure clear and timely communication of all deadlines for enrollment in health insurance to members,

  • Field and direct general health care related questions from members,

  • Direct news and updates to VP Membership

Leaves of Absence Sub-Committee

Time: 3-5 hours, including summer/fall training


  • Meet with HR and CEA uniserv reps to learn about FMLA and all other types of leaves in regard to our current contract language

  • Field and direct leaves of absence questions from members

CEA/NEA Benefits Sub-Committee

Time: 3-5 Hours


  • Learn about the various types of membership benefits, insurance, discounts, etc 

  • Direct updates to VP Communications and VP Membership

  • Field and direct benefits questions from members.

Social Committee
Benefits Committee
New Teachers Committee
Minority Equity Committee

Let's Work Together

If you are interested in joining a membership committee, please contact Jessica Punchatz, VP of Membership

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