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PAC Committee

The Political Affairs and Board Of Education Outreach Committee. 

PAC Committee

Time: Ongoing
# of People: 5+ people
Description: The purposes of the Political Affairs Committee shall be:

1.  To inform the membership of proposed, pending and passed legislation on the local, state and federal levels, including local school board budgets and actions.

2.  To encourage support of members to take action on legislation.

3.  To meet and communicate with local politicians to establish rapport and seek favorable action on pending legislation and /or support of educational concerns.

4.  To interview and recommend local candidates and/or issues to be endorsed by the membership.

Tuition Parent Committe

Time: 1-2 hours plus one 30-minute annual organizing meeting in summer/fall with the VP-Secondary & PAC-BOE Chair

Timeline: asynchronously

#of People Needed: One (1) non-executive council GEA members to Chair. Unlimited number of non-executive council GEA members for committee.



Description: The GEA Tuition Parent Committee is seeking a Committee Chair and interested members. The Chair would communicate to GEA members who are or are interested in the updates on GPS tuition rates and policies. All work is asynchronous after the initial meeting with support from GEA Exec Board as needed.

Tuition Commitee

Let's Work Together

If you have an interest in joining the PAC Committee, please contact Aaron Johnson, PAC Chair.

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