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Secretary Committees

The committees housed under the secretary maintain and update our GEA documents and are charged with running our elections process.

Constitutional Review Committee

Time: 3-5 Hours

Timeline: February-May, Virtual and Asynchronous work

# of People: 3-5 People

Description: The purpose of the Constitutional Review Committee shall be:

  1. Review and update our Constitution to reflect current practices of the union

  2. Present changes to the Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting 

  3. Present changes to the full membership at the annual meeting


Elections Committee

Time: 3-5 Hours

Timeline: March-June, Virtually and Asynchronous Work


# of People: One person to Chair the committee and 2-3 committee members

Description: The purposes of the Election Committee shall be:

        1. To update and oversee the election procedures.

        2. To tabulate votes.

        3. To publicize election results.

Elections Committee

Let's Work Together

If you are interested in joining a secretarial committee, please contact Courtney Powers, Secretary.  

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