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Treasury Committee

The committees under the Treasurer handle important tasks related to GEA Finances. 

Financial Committee

Time: 1-3 hours plus 1 hour organizing meeting with Treasurer

Timeline: once annually, can meet in summer for Fall fair

# of People Needed: at least three (3) non-executive council GEA members, at least one elementary and one secondary member. 

Description: Organize date, time, location of GEA Financial Fair. Invite and confirm representation from 403(b) and GEA Members Benefits vendors. Refreshments will be provided. 


Audit Committee

Time: 2-5 hours plus one 30-minute training with Treasurer

Timeline: Complete audit by November 30th, annually. Committee can meet in summer after July 15

#of People Needed: Two (2) non-executive council GEA members, available for the full duration of the audit 

Description: Please see attached GEA Treasury Audit Procedures. Refreshments will be provided. For audits lasting 5 hours or more, lunch/dinner will be provided. 


Scholarship Committee

Time: 2-5 hours including one 30-minute annual organizing meeting with the Treasurer

One short organizing meeting will occur for fundraising in the summer or fall; one short organizing meeting for vetting applications in early May.

All work is asynchronous after the initial meeting with support from GEA Exec Board as needed.

Timeline for Fundraisers: ongoing

Timeline for Vetting Scholarships: May-June of school year. Can be done asynchronously

#of People Needed: One (1) non-executive council GEA members to Chair; GHS guidance counselor preferred. Unlimited number of non-executive council GEA members for either committee; parents of past GEA Scholarship recipients preferred.

Description: The purposes of the Scholarship Committee shall be:

1. To solicit donations to the GEA Scholarship fund.

2. To solicit Greenwich High School students and the high school senior children of current members of the GEA to apply for college scholarships.

3. To review applications, conduct interviews and select recipients for eligible scholarship candidates.

4. To present scholarships at the annual Greenwich High School Senior Award Ceremony.

Let's Work Together

If you are interested in joining a treasury committee, please contact our Treasurer.

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